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Published August 11, 2021 by RMFAdmin in News

SPECIAL OFFERING in June is for SPIRITUS CHRISTI MENTAL HEALTH CENTER which provides individual and group counseling and related support at no cost to youth and adults in our community who have no insurance or are unable to afford the cost of care. We can do this because we have a small paid staff (1 full-time and 2 part-time), and the rest of our licensed clinicians, peer support people, and wellness practitioners volunteer their time. We rely on our partnership with foundations, churches (like RMF), and individuals to cover the costs of running the center. The vast majority of our services take place either at the Center or via telehealth. In July, we are excited to start an urban community outreach program to reach many of the most vulnerable and underserved in our community who will not come to our center on their own. They need us to come to them, to establish a trusting relationship, before they can consider setting foot in our building. If you have any questions about the Center, feel free to ask me. I’ve worked there for over 15 years. Thanks, RMF family, for your faithful support! – Amy 

Give or send your special offering for the sharing fund to Jen Carter.   

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