Special offering

Published August 11, 2021 by RMFAdmin in News

August Special Offering is for Greenovation…

Rochester Greenovation is an Independent Nonprofit Organization where selling second hand, reducing waste, reusing and upcycling are their main priorities.  Their TOP priority is continuing to manifest a commitment to our wonderful City of Rochester, while collaborating with like minded Rochesterians who share the same Green Values.  Jim volunteers at Greenovation doing many handyman things like fixing up donated items that are missing pieces or need fixing up so they can be sold and used again.  Check out more info here: https://greenovationnfp.com/.  Stop by Greenovation at 850 St Paul St. 

Rochester, NY 14605 to donate or buy an assortment of so many things.  

Give during worship or send your special offering for the sharing fund to Jen Carter.   

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