Spiritual Direction

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An Invitation

God is calling us all into the joy and challenge ongoing relationship. Where are you free to answer this call? What are your areas of unfreedom? Where is the growing edge in your life with God? These are questions you may want to consider with a Spiritual Director.

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is an active process, a partnership between two people and God. It is personal, conversational, focused on discovering God’s voice within oneself through encouragement, challenge, and inquiry. It is not problem-solving but does address the difficult and sometimes perplexing issues that make up our real/everyday lives. In Spiritual Direction we journey together on the path toward spiritual maturity and self-understanding, to bring

  • wholeness where there was scatteredness
  • connection where there was distance 
  • harmony where there was discord
  • hope where there was fear. 

God is always at work within us, transforming us into the people we were meant to be, the persons God had in mind for us before we were born. In SD, some work toward understanding what it means to forgive. Others begin to see the roots of their own anger, often the antecedent of sin. Many work on learning how to discern God’s will for their lives.

At times the director’s questions can bring forth an Ah-ha experience as directees try to put into words the mysterious and hidden nature of our most intimate relationship–our relationship with God. A director may be able to give a name to what is being described in a way that validates directees’ experiences and we find we are not alone–others have come this same way. What had seemed a problem becomes an adventure. (For more information on Spiritual Direction see Spiritual Directors International)

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If you are interested in exploring the idea of Spiritual Direction please contact Eileen Metzger at 467-5192 or .