Prevent Covid 19 at the building at 111 Hillside

Published June 28, 2020 by Walter Nickeson in News

Now that our region is in Phase 3 of reopening, the Stewards are working on a reopening plan for the building. While having full-congregation worship services is likely still many months away, we want to provide guidelines regarding smaller gatherings in the building. In the meantime, the Leadership Team is asking people to observe the following guidelines regarding entering the building.

For any times that you are entering the building please use the sign-in form on the table located just inside the main entrance door, indicating your name and the time you entered and left the building. This will enable more effective contact tracing if anyone who has been in the building near that time contracts the COVID 19 virus. Also, please be sure to wear a mask at all times when in the building and to sanitize any surfaces that you touch. Wearing face masks is particularly important, because the building’s HVAC system is not generally on, so any aerosols that are generated can linger for many hours.

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